Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rich people are stupid too

There's obviously a big difference between book smarts and street smarts, and people prove that to me over and over every single day of my life. Some people who you would assume to be smart are actually very, very dumb. And many of those people are very, very wealthy.

There are multiple luxury cars companies repped at Pebble Beach for the tourney right now - I know at least two luxury brands are up there, and probably more (I'm not, for the record). That's right kids, we don't just do auto shows. All summer long we're gluing on our best pageant-worthy smiles on marketing tours, ride and drives, and sponsored concerts, sporting events and state fairs. And if you can believe it, the questions can get even stupider off the auto show floor.

Take this one, for example. This was shared on Facebook by a product specialist at the Open, who says this was the response she got after telling the guest about the company website:

"How far away is the website?"

Ohmyblog. I don't even know how you could respond to that without coming out and calling the person a complete moron or accusing them of setting you up for Punk'd. Did you look in your butt? Because I'm pretty sure the website is in your butt. In fact, the entire interweb might be in there. You should probably go check. Shouldn't be too difficult; your head is already shoved all the way up there.


  1. Just tell them in their supercar and set the nav for the internet superhighway! ;)

  2. Do you know if it was said by an old fart? Old farts, wealthy or otherwise, tend not to be overly "tech savvy", as I'm sure you know. In that case it would be ignorance, which is an entirely different animal from stupidity. Could've also been a Luddite of some sort... but, having said all that, my money's on idiot.

  3. BAHAHAH!!!!

    this isn't NEARLY as good, but we used to have an older lady at work that referred to my boss' blackberry as his BLUEBERRY.

  4. good lord are you an angry woman.
    why would you care or not if someone
    has knowlegde of the internet or not?

    what is it to you?


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