Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shoot the gap

It's always the ones you least expect.

I've heard the same story so many times from sales guys: Some guy wearing dirty old clothes comes into the dealership and is ignored by one salesperson, and when he comes back the next day in a suit (because he's actually filthy rich but likes to mow his own lawn for sh!ts and giggles) he gives his business to someone else who didn't pre-judge him.

Now, I can pretty much tell who's going to be a total knob to me from the next display over. I can see it in the expression on your face when you're talking to the other brand's booth babes, by the way you carry yourself. And yet, I refrain from judgement (outwardly at least) and talk to you anyway in the same friendly way I do the non-knobs, until you piss me off. And even then I just end the conversation and walk away. I don't even punch you in the junk! 

Point is, I don't judge a book by its cover because on rare occasion the pre-spotted knobs have turned out to be cool. And the lady you think will only be interested in vanity mirrors and cup holders may have a nascent need for speed that only you can help develop.

I love it when a woman pushing a stroller asks me to compare torque numbers within our lineup.

I love it when a 7-year-old girl rattles off more technical specs than a Detroit engineer.

I love it when I overhear Grandmas talk about the "real" purpose of rear seat privacy shades (naughty Grandma). It's always far less creepy than when Grandpa does the same.

I love it when I shock the hell out of some know-it-all by, well, knowing it all.

Don't assume, kids. Ass. You. Me. Etc.


  1. Personally, I was hoping "Shoot the Gap" would involve the couple jumping the VW Jetta over a drawbridge or across an oncoming train.

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  3. First off the bat, I totally agree, it is always the ones you least expect. For instance, my best friend Hannah, She once told me in regards to sunroofs: "I think sunroofs are like, it's like the car is all 'look at me, I'm totally legit, but really, my mother secretly slept with a convertible." There's a damn good reason she's my best friend.

    Second out of the park, "Rinkesh", Dude, That's so blatantly Spam, that I can't even think straight! And if you've ever read The Booth Babe's previous posts, you'd know damn good and well that all of her work is this awesome.

  4. While I'm a long way from filthy rich, I did have the satisfaction of being the guy who came back the next day after being ignored by everyone on the sales floor.

    I was looking for my first new car after finishing college and the the exact car I was looking for was in the showroom window. I was on foot so I may have looked like the punk kid that I was. I was however a punk kid who was going to buy a car.

    After 15-20 minutes pass by I've looked at just about every inch of the car without a single salesperson even saying hello. And I'm the only person in the showroom.

    As I'm getting out of the car for the third or fourth time a salesman who had been on break walks over and asks if I've been helped yet. In a voice loud enough for the others to hear I reply "No, I guess no one wants to make any money today."

    We then talk about what I was looking to do and agree to meet the next day to close the sale.

    The only things that kept me from walking out after being ignored were that the car was the exact one I was looking for and the fact that it was the closest dealer to both home and work for a small brand.

    I did take a great deal of pleasure seeing the salesmen who ignored me standing in the showroom window watching as my salesman walked me through the car's features as I took delivery.

  5. Ya thats right, most of us judge the person by his/her appearing way, dress etc... but it's not at all a good habit to do, as an driving instructor, i would see many people in normal or dirty cloths some of them are millionaires some may not, so i feel every customer is an important they may be a small child or may be a grandmas. Because who know is that child make their parents to purchase that big car.
    So "Don't judge the book or human by the cover"

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