Friday, July 16, 2010

Minivan man

Last week on I discussed the various ways in which your vehicle is preventing you from getting laid. Some readers took issue with my inclusion of minivans in the list of vehicular dating no-no's, I'm assuming because they themselves drive one and have not gotten laid by their wives or anyone else since their last perpetually sticky, screaming rugrat was born.

Someone brought up the issue of musicians, saying they drive minivans and have no problem getting laid. I don't know what kind of children's party players this guy is hanging out with, but I know more than my share of professional musicians and not one of them drives a minivan. They are all rolling in pickup trucks with caps or SUVs. Very occasionally do I even see an Econoline-type van anymore.

But if you still think I'm wrong about the minivan thing, I'd like you to meet Jesse Thornhill. He drives a minivan - a 1996 Ford Winstar, to be precise. He was arrested in Tulsa, OK for trying to run over his landlord with said minivan, as a matter of fact.

Interested, ladies? I'm pretty sure he's single.

Photo and info courtesy of The Smoking Gun.


  1. awesome blog, awesome post.

  2. It could be the pink T-shirt:) all things in moderation...including crop circle on your head and are those threaded for bolts or adjustment screws for the horns

  3. Ya know, for the money spent on just that jerk's horn implants alone, he could've bought a pretty decent ride... or at least paid his rent in full for like 2 years in advance. Other people's priorities are funny things.

  4. TTAC posters are a bunch snide, jargon spewing pussies that can't spot the elephant in the room. (That minivans and wagons are never going to be cool.)


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