Thursday, January 21, 2010

NAIAS Flash mob

How fun is this? What a great idea for a great event. If this was done daily on public days it wouldn't be nearly as effective, but it just adds to the party of Charity Night. Love the gray-haireds boogeying along. Well done!
(Found via NAIASDetroit Twitter feed)


  1. It would probably be a better day at all work places if random music and dance broke out once a day.

  2. Too cool! Like you said, that's one of those special, almost magical, things that occur all too rarely. So you best enjoy it while it's happening. Always makes me wonder just how many folks will loosen up, drop their facades and join in. I know I will (and do) every time.

  3. Something like this... at a computer trade show in the early 90s in California, after four very busy, tiring days, show over, doors closed, 5:02 PM: Public Address System Control played, loud, a bagpipe band version of Amazing Grace. Hundreds of booth people standing, rapt, as the song resonated thruout the hall. Then huge applause and cheers. I'll never forget that.


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