Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On the subject of my identity

Just a heads up, I will be deleting any comments that attempt to guess my identity. Why? When and if I "come out" is up to me, not you. Also, people have been naming names (all incorrect, by the way) and those at whom the finger has been wrongly pointed don't need to be hassled about it.

This is not something I will address again.

So, if you've taken a guess at who I am here and your comment is missing, that's why. And for the record, NO ONE has guessed correctly.


  1. Let me see, you are often seen around cars and you don't want your identity revealed.... its obvious who you are, you are the Stig!!

  2. nice blog!

    i found your blog through keyword "auto follow".

    im following you.. pls follow me back.

  3. I don't blame you for keeping it secret. I already know who you're not and that's enough for me. :)

  4. Agree with welshrogue!!

  5. Comment Moderation lets you preview comments before they hit your blog. I find it a useful tool even though the few comments I get are not usually out-of-line.

  6. OK! I see you have it set up :) The only way to know is to go in and try it. Have a great time at Chicago. I will "see" you there ;)


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