Thursday, January 28, 2010

Respect the ring

During your foray through the auto show (or your Google search for "Hot auto show chicks") you might notice that quite a few women are wearing wedding rings. Surprise! Some of us are married ladies!

Or not.

Some of us are married, yes, but some of us wear what we call our "man-deflectors." Also known as "fly swatters" these faux wedding sets are meant to dissuade invitations to dinner/drinks/your hotel room. (It's not just models who do this, by the way. Many women pull this trick when they just don't feel like being bothered at work, dinner or a bar.)

Wearing a man-deflector is really a win-win situation. We are both spared the discomfort and embarrassment of rejection. Do you like being rejected by a beautiful woman? I doubt it. We don't really relish doing the rejecting, either. I don't think most people enjoy making others feel bad if they can help it, and no matter how gently put, rejection feels bad.

Don't take the man-deflector thing personally. When we put it on, it means we're not in the mood to entertain offers from anybody, no matter how exceptional of a human being you may be.

Of course, a wedding ring, real or not, does nothing to deter the real creeps who don't care one way or another and will hit on you come hell, high water, or well-placed subtle symbol.

The point here? If you see a wedding ring, please back off. Real or not, it translates to "No."


  1. Baron Von DangerouslyJanuary 28, 2010 at 11:49 AM

    Aaaw, I read the title and thought this would be about the Nurburgring.

    I would think that, "it is inappropriate to hit on a married individual" would be a general rule for any social interaction.

  2. I made that mistake last night, forgot to check for a ring, lol, it was funny though.

  3. Good idea. My wife wanted to put a similar device on my hand before we were married. I wonder why men don't have engagement jewelry... As an aside, I'm sure you'll be at the Washington Auto Show this weekend. Hope all goes well and fire-free!

  4. Torque - There's actually eight auto shows going on across the country this weekend! You never know where I'll end up! : )

  5. Unfortunately, "man-deflectors" don't have any effect on players, creeps and h*rny men.

    Only amatures crash and burn while trying to pass that shield.

    It only deflects nice guys who respect women.

  6. Damn. Eight shows and only two days in a weekend. I'll take my self-cloning superpower now.

  7. "I wonder why men don't have engagement jewelry..." Well, that depends on where you're from. In Scandinavia, both parties usually wear engagement rings - the same rings that later becomes the wedding rings. It's beginning to get common that her ring has diamonds set in, and many prefer to add one for each year. Whatever suits your fancy. :)

  8. It's an Excellent idea to wear a wedding ring for these types of jobs, you can take it for several reasons:

    1. Even married women are allowed to work in such jobs, not need to be ashamed.
    2. The "man-deflectors" you wrote about, of course.
    3. It would hurt more if you give a punch to the scum that will not stop bothering you although your trying of wave him off :)

  9. I used to call mine "Pest Control" and for the record it didn't always work for me either. Some guys respected the ring, most did not. I actually had a guy scream out "Hey how big is that rock? You're only in it for the money, huh?" in the middle of my spiel. Really? Hello, hi....talking here, about a car? not my personal life? And no. I'm not that effing shallow you scum sucking jackass.

    *fluffs hair*

    Okay thanks. I feel much better now.


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