Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

I'm sitting here in another hotel room, getting ready to walk into another convention center holding another auto show. For almost six months of the year I wear the same clothes, answer the same questions, work with the same people, look at the same cars and drink the same Starbucks. My feet hurt in the same shoes (which get awfully smelly after a while).

Every day on the auto show circuit is like Groundhog Day. And yet I will thoughtfully answer your question like it's the very first time I've heard it, smile like I'm at the Miss America pageant (congrats to Miss Virginia!), spray Febreeze on the outfits I haven't been able to dry clean in a month so you can't tell this suit could walk by itself and throw a double layer of Odor Eaters into my stilettos.

I will pretend I don't notice that you hotboxed the car, that you're wearing a wedding ring while asking me out on a date (which I will politely decline, of course) or that your wife's cheap fur coat is shedding all over the seats.

Bill Murray feels my pain. Enjoy some of the greatest lines from a fantastic movie, Groundhog Day.


  1. Are you working the Cleveland show at the end of the month? If so, drop me an email at rschoenb@plaind.com... Maybe we could set up an interview about proper guest/presenter etiquette for show attendees.

    Robert Schoenberger/The Plain Dealer

  2. Hopefully, you get paid well at least...

  3. It's a curse of being human, this monotony. Each of us have our own way of dealing with it and our own way of escaping it... You can't let the cycle and job define who you are. I greatly enjoy reading your posts and I hope life is treating you well enough. Cheers

  4. Don't drive angry. *holds the groundhog to the wheel*

  5. I heard about this movie before, I think I'm gonna check this out.


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