Friday, February 26, 2010

Life after auto show

There's a terrific article in this month's issue of Spin magazine about what rock stars do for a living after the fame runs out. I've often wondered about this... Not every band you hear on the radio becomes Bon Jovi or Coldplay and most won't get airplay on their second or third albums. Plain economics dictates there can only be so many studio musicians and producers, so how are these peeps who had a tantalizing taste of fame absorbed back into the mainstream?

It was interesting to read the wide variety of post-fame careers. I won't give it away by naming names and careers, but it is definitely worth a read - and it got me thinking...

What happens to booth babes when the bright lights of the auto show dim?

The first thing to understand is that the lights may dim much later than one would think, as long as you still look good. The ages of some of the men and women on the auto show circuit would astonish you. While they don't look like they are 20, they also don't look like they are close to 50, and more than a few of them are. Granted it is easier for men to get away with this than women, but I know some amazing looking women on the circuit that I pray to the auto show gods I will look like when I am their age.

But there will come a day, of course, that the siren song of the auto show turns into a death knell, and you'd better bet we all are developing our own little empires for when that day comes. I personally garner about half my income from auto show and other modeling, and the other half from two other much-loved endeavours. I have a marketing degree and a plan. There are some women who want to do this for years and years. I don't, and I have a plan for when I'm done.

And pretty much everyone does. Some leave the circuit because their acting careers are staring to take off, and auto show season takes them away from too many great auditions. Some have started their own modeling agencies or event management companies. Pharmaceutical sales (the legal kind). Yoga teachers. Clothing and shoe designers. Both the co-founder and the executive vice president of one of the two largest talent agencies handling auto show used to be booth babes. There are a few pro drivers thrown in the mix. Television and film producers. Visual and performance artists.

Here are some jobs for which I am qualified after I leave the auto show circuit:
Circus ringmaster
Airplane emergency evacuation coordinator (since I've seen the demos so many times)
Substitute Mommy (since you certainly aren't parenting your kids at the show)
Convention center dietician (try to maintain a model's figure on convention food, I dare you)
Suspicious smell/stain/scratch inspector
Torturous-but-beautiful shoe tester
Fire scientist
Traveling wardrobe coordinator (must make sure nothing happens to my own 15-piece wardrobe set through seven months of coast-to-coast traveling on multiple airlines with spotty baggage records)
Traveling mercenary (at the very least I know how to protect and defend myself in dangerous situations and ma not afraid to do so)
Hostage negotiator/suicide prevention (have talked a lot of angry-and-taking-it-out-on-the-world types off the ledge at almost every show) (See 'I am not the president of GM')

I do actually have my own little plan. You'll see one of these days.


  1. I predict you will write a fabulous, best selling book!

  2. Let me guess: you're going to get a sex change operation and then ask Obama to appoint you as CEO of GM?

  3. How about Trash Collector/Custodial Supervisor/Chief Recycler? I have picked up more trash, water bottles, and sodas in cup holders than I could ever count.

  4. I can't believe I forgot Trash Collector! Some days that's my main occupation! Also, Loss Prevention Associate. The things people try to steal...

  5. How about switching to the "overseas" car shows AND becoming a spy? It would be a good cover...

  6. There was some show on VH1 maybe 5 years ago about 80s new-wave one hit wonders and where they'd ended up. They tried to reunite the bands with varying success, but it was interesting to see some of the one-time rockers rocking a cubicle.

  7. Private security. Loss prevention and mercenary rolled into one ;)

  8. there's always real estate...oh nevermind there's NOT. keep up the good work and happy trails

  9. Or maybe you could go on to become an account manager with an agency that does the hiring for the auto shows.


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